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Hi, I´m Roberto A. Arrucha

Founder – Business Doer – Coach


My Story

Hi, my name is Roberto A. Arrucha, son of indigenous and founder of the New Global School, an award-winning organization based in Vienna, Austria dedicated to designing, organizing, and running international events and educational programs. For the past 15 years, I have collaborated with leaders from the public and private sectors in over 10 countries across 4 continents. My expertise includes the following:

1. Design, fundraising and organization of International Events & Educational Programs: Seminars, Congresses, Summits, Awards, Workshops, Training, Conferences, etc.

3. B2B Business Development & Partnerships.

3. Communication Strategy & PR.

We have designed, organized, and hosted over 100 conferences, workshops, summits, awards, and diplomatic & trade missions, for both the public and private sectors. These events have enabled our partners to enhance their partnerships, reputation, revenues, and business opportunities.

Our work has been recognized by prestigious organizations such as The Regional Academy of the United Nations, 1MillionStartups, The Ministry of Economy of Austria, Oxford University, The Climate Reality Project, ClimateLaunchpad, and PCTE Group of Institutes (Ranked in the top 10 business schools in India).

I was born in Mexico, where I studied Law, Business, and Economics. I consider myself a blend of constant creativity, brutal honesty, contagious passion, and a results-driven attitude, cultivated through over 15 years of living and working in various countries including India, Vietnam, Thailand, Kenya, Rwanda, Morocco, Mexico, Czechia, Ukraine, Armenia, Spain, Germany, and Austria.


Communication Strategy

  Events & Education 

International Events and Educational Programs: Seminars, Congresses, Summits, Awards, Workshops, Training, Conferences, etc.

  • Design. Everything related to concept and structure, key selling points, experience, launch, promotional, registration management, etc.


  • Organization: Everything related to fundraising, ticketing, suppliers, location, speakers, agenda, organizing team, etc.


  • Execution: Everything related to the reception and agenda, and in general hosting a great experience for your atendees, speakers and sponsors. 


Through The New Global School

We have organized more than 100 international events and educational programs for public & private sector leaders.


Roberto, besides being a great person, is a professional committed to the future and the development of a better society. His efforts to promote the development of companies oriented towards sustainability, climate change, and internationalization make working with Roberto inspiring.

Fernando Flores

Director, CleanTech Hub

Honestly, the training exceeded my expectations, as it was incredibly interesting and that rare case when I did not follow the time. 
Thank you Roberto A Arrucha! I liked everything related to the work on the project.
Everything is super! Keep up the good work!
Svitlana Olieinikova

COO, Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association

Communication Strategy

 Communications & PR Strategies 

  • Business-Team Values Alignment
  • Reputation & Endorsments, 
  • Personal Branding,
  • Pubic Relationships, Recognitions & Events
  • Digital Communications.


Roberto has an intelligent, efficient, and enthusiastic form to communicate with people.

Julio Alejandro

"Exceptional Talent" - UK Government 2021, BioMedical & Futuristic Sciences

Since we partner with Roberto, our marketing efforts have incresed dramatically. We are so glad to keep cooperating. 

Asetila Koestinger

Director, WeDo5

Communication Strategy

 B2B Sales & Business Development 


  • Product-Market Fit,
  • Sales pitchdecks
  • Outreach strategies
  • Sales Copy
  • Cold emailing
  • SEO
  • Lead generation
  • Effective business meetings
  • AI powered sales strategies
  • Matching your business with the correct value adopter.
Knowing Roberto, I am fascinated by his and his team’s commitment. Their approach to go to the field where things are happening to learn and understand the local needs and situations, so that they can tailor their actions to those needs is the best recipe for a successful intervention.
Billy Batware

Co-Founder, Regional Academy on the United Nations

It was a nice experience with Roberto, good content, and fun activities.
I recommended working with Roberto for people with ongoing initiatives or want to boost their businesses.
Gabriela Liñan

Director, Europe Consulting Group

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