Eco-Tourism Project in Mexico


BUY, RENT OR INVEST in a 10,000 square meters ( 1 hectare or 2.47 acres) of protected natural land.

Eco Tourism Project Mexico

The Land is located in Ixtaczoquitlan, Veracruz. On the shores of the “Pico de Orizaba” (Or Citlaltépetl), the highest volcano of Mexico, and top destination worldwide for hikers & mountain climbers.

  • 270 km from Mexico City.
  • 131 km from Veracruz City (Main beach City and the main port of the Gulf Coast of Mexico) and the international airport of Veracruz City.
  • 40 km from the Pico de Orizaba / Citlaltépetl (The highest volcano in Mexico, and already a top destination worldwide with more than 10,000 visitors annually).
  • 10 km from Orizaba, a well-developed city, magic town & top touristic destination, and the cleanest city in Mexico.
  • 2 km from Fortin de las Flores, the nearest city for groceries and supplies.


10,000 square meters ( 1 hectare or 2.47 acres) of protected natural land.

The land is part of an already protected eco-touristic park, and only projects with sustainability & eco-friendly designs can be developed there. This property has not legal disputes no land in conflict either.

This property has not legal disputes or conflictive land. It is owned by my uncle, who is now planning to retire due to health issues.


According to Wise, the average cost per M2 in Mexico City goes up to 1,200 USD, in the West Coast up to 1,300 USD, and the Rivera Maya up to 1,083 USD. 

This land cost 40 USD per m2.

Land available: 10,000 m2 or 5,000 m2.

This is NOT a scam, it is an affordable land where international tourism has not reached yet.

The East Coast of Mexico is a hidden gem waiting for you.


Life in Nature, Beach City and Magic Towns:

1. The property has a river passing through which could be used for rafting.

2. 35% of the property has a mountain elevation for trekking & mountaineering.

3. It has access to a high-way bridge that has been used for Paragliding & Free Jumping or Bongie.

4. Cars & Trucks can access the property, in addition, the high-away that takes you to Mexico City or Veracruz City is just 2 km away.

5. Electricity service is available, however, is encouraged to use solar panels.

6. Water is accessible through underground waterhole. The permission is payable yearly.

7. Water management & treatment is not available yet, but it is possible to develop a solution.

8. More amazing eco-projects are available in the area, which provides a community of owners who help each other.


1. Migration services. Support to get the temporary resident card.

2. Legal Services; Notary/lawyer, Acquisition Tax, Registration Fee, Title insurance.

3. Taxes & Certificates (Property & Ownership) & Accountant Services.

4. 100 hours of professional consulting on your Eco-Turistic & Sustainability project plan and design.

5. Permissions & Providers scouting.

6. Security Service for 1 year (The area is safe, but we want you to feel safer on your landing).

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Roberto A. Arrucha

Roberto A. Arrucha

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